Injaz Saudi Arabia

Partnership start date
Total impact with Agility’s support (as of end 2023)
Area of focus
Employment and entrepreneurial skills
Saudi Arabia
Injaz Saudi Arabia

Since 2022, Agility has been working with Injaz in Saudi Arabia, to provide young people access to employment and entrepreneurial skills development. The collaboration focused on the “It’s My Business” and “The Company” programs. In these programs, students learned how to collaborate and develop ideas for new products and services, then simulate turning their ideas into viable businesses. They also learned about different business requirements and functions, such as capital management, finance, product development, communications, and marketing and sales.

From 2022 through 2023, we reached 390+ students.

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About Injaz

Injaz is a non-profit organization that drives youth education and training in workforce readiness, financial literacy and entrepreneurship. Injaz Saudi Arabia focuses on four main pillars: workforce readiness, financial literacy, entrepreneurship and STEM. It strives to bridge the gap between education and the requirements of the labor market through hands-on, highly relevant training and mentoring programs delivered by volunteer business leaders and entrepreneurs.