OIADA International

Partnership start date
Total impact with Agility’s support (as of end 2023)
>700 young people reached
Area of focus
Technical skills development & job readiness
Ghana, Turkey, Brazil
OIADA International

Since 2018, Agility has supported Oiada International and its employment training programs in Ghana, as well as Oiada’s student outreach programs in Turkey and Brazil.

In Ghana, Agility and Oiada have partnered to provide free training to young people joining the workforce or starting businesses. Past training has included electrician apprentice certification, computers & technology, brickmaking & construction skills, and soft skills for employment and career development. The training provides young people with skills they need to join the workforce or create businesses in a rapidly developing local economy. Training courses take place at the Agility Logistics Park in Tema, Ghana.

In addition, Oiada and Agility have partnered to help young people in Brazil and Turkey, connecting them with Agility leaders and team members around the world to better understand sustainability and supply chain issues from different cultural perspectives.

From 2018 through 2023, we reached 700+ people.

OIADA International

About Oiada

Oiada International is dedicated to providing educational programs and services that empower students around the world. In addition to providing skills development training in Ghana, Oiada empowers youth around the world to become 21st century global citizens through programs made accessible via videoconference.