Soronko Academy

Partnership start date
Total impact with Agility’s support (as of end 2023)
Area of focus
Technology, marketing, ICT and soft skills for women
Soronko Academy

Since 2021, Agility has supported the Soronko Academy, and its technology skills development program for women in Ghana. At the Agility Logistics Parks facility in Tema, Ghana, Soronko provides free software development, ICT and soft skills training to young women that are starting businesses, seeking employment or trying to advance their careers. Soronko Academy’s “Code with Agility” program includes subjects like website development, search engine optimization, digital marketing, data analytics and other technology and software development topics.

From 2021 through 2023, we backed programs that assisted 185 people.

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About Soronko Academy

The Soronko Academy aims to train and educate more Ghanaian girls by providing them with technology- related courses. The Academy focuses on teaching girls how to code in order to start businesses or find employment.