UN High Commissioner for Refugees

Partnership start date
Total impact with Agility’s support (end 2023)
Area of focus
Assistance to refugees (food, employment skills, administrative/ID, re-settlement, others.)
Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Uganda, Turkey
UN High Commissioner for Refugees

Since 2009, Agility has supported the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and its humanitarian and refugee assistance programs in the aftermath of humanitarian crises around the world. Our support for UNHCR comes from both employee fundraising drives and direct donations to UNHCR.

Employee Fundraising: Our employees have donated funds, matched by Agility, to provide refugees with clothing, food, shelter and other material necessities.

Direct Donations: Agility has supported refugees via UNHCR job skills training and employment resources development, as well as with administrative assistance to help refugees legally settle in their host countries. Agility has also provided assistance to UNHCR to help it provide refugee children with access to education.

Through two streams of support, we have assisted UNHCR programs for refugees from Africa, the Middle East and Asia in countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Turkey, and Uganda.

From 2018 through 2023, we reached approximately 25,000 people.

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UNHCR provides emergency life-support assistance to refugees, including housing and access to life-support essentials, like cookware, sanitary items, household goods, food and other essentials during the immediate aftermath of humanitarian crises that cause people to cross borders to seek refuge (including natural disasters and complex emergencies).

When emergencies become protracted, and refugees are unable to return to their countries of origin, UNHCR provides assistance so they can obtain identity cards, employment and training skills, re-settlement services, educational support, and other types of assistance.