Since 2018, Agility has supported Oiada International and its employment training programs in Ghana, as well as Oiada’s student outreach programs in Turkey and Brazil.

In Ghana, Agility and Oiada have partnered to provide free training to young people joining the workforce or starting businesses. Past training has included electrician apprentice certification, computers & technology, brickmaking & construction skills, and soft skills for employment and career development. The training provides young people with skills they need to join the workforce or create businesses in a rapidly developing local economy. Training courses take place at the Agility Logistics Park in Tema, Ghana.

In addition, Oiada and Agility have partnered to help young people in Brazil and Turkey, connecting them with Agility leaders and team members around the world to better understand sustainability and supply chain issues from different cultural perspectives.

From 2018 through 2023, we reached 700+ people.

Since 2021, Agility has supported the Soronko Academy, and its technology skills development program for women in Ghana. At the Agility Logistics Parks facility in Tema, Ghana, Soronko provides free software development, ICT and soft skills training to young women that are starting businesses, seeking employment or trying to advance their careers. Soronko Academy’s “Code with Agility” program includes subjects like website development, search engine optimization, digital marketing, data analytics and other technology and software development topics.

From 2021 through 2023, we backed programs that assisted 185 people.

Since 2018, Agility has supported public schools in the Kuknor, India and Mothe, India that provide children from low-income families with access to improved elementary education. The program began as a way to ensure more families could send children to public school instead of spending significant resources on private schools. Agility has supported local schools by refurbishing classrooms, providing technology equipment, building sanitary facilities for girls, providing sports and athletic equipment, and funding salaries for teachers and school staff. This program is led by Agility E-Services (AES) in Hyderabad. Together, AES and school administrators track progress and impact of the program over time. When the program began in 2018, only 155 students were enrolled in the Kuknor school. Today the number is more than double, due to improvements in the school that have resulted from this partnership.

From 2018 through 2023, we assisted over 2,600 children with this partnership.

Since 2022, Agility has been working with Injaz in Saudi Arabia, to provide young people access to employment and entrepreneurial skills development. The collaboration focused on the “It’s My Business” and “The Company” programs. In these programs, students learned how to collaborate and develop ideas for new products and services, then simulate turning their ideas into viable businesses. They also learned about different business requirements and functions, such as capital management, finance, product development, communications, and marketing and sales.

From 2022 through 2023, we reached 390+ students.