Since 2021, Agility has supported International Rescue Committee (IRC) employment training programs in Cote D’Ivoire. In coordination with Ivorian NGO PRO-Jeunes, IRC provided skills development and training to 545 young people.

In one program, Agility provides classroom space at its Abijan Logistics Park, as well as computers, internet access and funding for free training. The on-site training includes life skills, ICT, entrepreneurial skills and digital marketing. The training program has multiple groups of approximately 20 students each taking classes at the Agility Training Center.

A second program provides agriculture and agribusiness training at a local community farm and includes instruction in traditional farming and fish farming, including how to prepare, build, maintain and manage productive farming operations.

The partnership between PRO-Jeunes, IRC and Agility has proved to be exceptionally effective. Due to its success, in 2023 the Ivorian government also contributed funding and helped to manage these local programs using government facilities, land and resources. IRC and Agility will continue supporting the ICT, life skills and entrepreneurial skills development program, as well as work with the agricultural skills development program in other areas.

From 2021 through 2023, we reached 545+ people.