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Securing the UAE’s Leadership in Environmental Sustainability

Learn how the UAE is leading the way in environmental sustainability across six key dimensions

About UAE Whitepaper

This report, Securing the UAE’s Leadership in Environmental Sustainability, is a whitepaper that provides in-depth analysis of the UAE’s progress, strategy and challenges in areas affecting the environment. The report evaluates six critical dimensions of sustainability, presenting key findings and recommendations for continued advancement. It was commissioned by Agility Global and developed by Horizon Group, a global research and analysis firm.

Key Highlights

Potential of UAE’s Green Agenda


New jobs

up to 5%

5% GDP growth


Dubai banned single-use plastics in January 2024

c7.5k Hectares Coastal Area Restored

4.5k hectares to follow by 2030

In Abu Dhabi...


Taxis are hybrid


Buses meet low-emission standards



of UAE territory under protection


of UAE territorial waters under protection


First country in MEA to commit to Net Zero by 2050


Electric vehicle charging points installed in Dubai by 2025.

Press Release

The United Arab Emirates remains the leader, by most key measures, in environmental sustainability and climate action across the Gulf and Africa, says a new report that tracks government and business policies, practices and investment.

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