Global Children of War Foundation

Partnership start date
Total impact with Agility’s support (as of end 2023)
Area of focus
Assistance to refugees (food, life support, medical and education)
Jordan, Lebanon and Ukraine
Global Children of War Foundation

Since 2022, Agility has supported the Children of War Foundation (COWF) and its humanitarian and refugee programs in Europe and the Middle East:

  • Ukraine: Agility’s assistance allowed COWF to provide life support and medical assistance to infants, children and families displaced by the conflict.
  • Jordan:
    • With Agility’s assistance, COWF was also able to provide free health screening, examinations and surgeries to refugee children in Jordan. Agility supports COWF’s education program, Abwaab Remote Education Program, which provides remote learning opportunities for students, regardless of age, gender or citizenship status. The program provides interactive online classes, comprehensive study materials, placement testing, mentorship and personalized support, to allow students to complete high school-level education.
    • Agility also supports COWF’s “School of Dreams” program, which offers education and support services to families residing on the Jordanian/Syrian border, with some students walking miles to attend. The school targets primary-aged students, with a dedicated on-site teacher. COWF provides on-site weekly visits and the financial support needed to maintain the facility and provide supplies. With Agility’s support, COWF purchased tablets/Chromebooks for students to use, and provided internet access, allowing students to participate in exercises that expose them to the outside world. This exposure serves as a mechanism for inspiration and knowledge that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

Since 2006, our contributions and support of COWF have directly benefitted 2,700 people in Jordan and Ukraine.

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About the Children of War Foundation

Children of War Foundation is dedicated to supporting children in need of medical care, regardless of nationality or citizenship. Its core mission is to create a world where equitable healthcare and education are accessible to people regardless of geographical boundaries, financial means, or citizenship. It achieves this by connecting those in need with compassionate individuals who can make a difference.